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2016/04/21 Material IEEJ 50th / APERC 20th Anniversary Joint Symposium
2016/02/17 Report Oil Supply Security and Emergency Policy in the APEC Region
2016/02/17 Report The Energy Reform in Mexico Implications for the Asia-Pacific Region
2016/02/12 Report Prospects and Compromise Points of the Arab Spring Impact on Energy Secuirty in the Asia-Pacific Region
2016/02/12 Report Petroleum Product Trading and Security
2016/02/12 Report Policy_Success_Factors_for_Geothermal_Electricity_Development_in_the_APEC_Region
2016/02/02 Report Policy Review for APEC Low Carbon Model Town Phase 4 Final Report
2016/02/01 Report Follow-up Peer Review on Energy Efficiency in Thailand
2016/01/28 Material APEC Low-Carbon Model Town Project: Progress and Prospect-Focusing on Low-Carbon Building-
2016/01/12 Report Initiatives to Expand the Introduction of Renewable Energy in Various APEC Economies Examples of RPS in Japan,Korea and California in the US
2016/01/12 Report A Study on Smart Communities in the APEC Region
2015/11/27 Report Electric Power Grid Interconnections in Northeast Asia: a Quantitative Analysis of Economic and Environmental Benefits
2015/11/25 Report Revised Version: Pathways to Shale Gas Development
2015/09/17 Material LNG Producer-Consumer Conference 2015 (September 16th)
2015/09/01 Material APERC IEEJ Joint Symposium 2015
2015/08/14 Report The 1st APEC Oil and Gas Security Forum
2015/06/26 Material APERC Annual Conference 2015
2015/06/19 Report APEC Energy Overview 2014
2015/04/27 Material Workshop on APEC Coal Supply Security,Tokyo, Japan, 20 March 2015
2015/02/06 Report Follow-Up Peer Review on Energy Efficiency in the Philippines