Cooperative Energy Efficiency Design for Sustainability (CEEDS)

The 25th APEC EGEDA Meeting Bangkok, Thailand, 11-13 November 2013: APERC Presentations

PDF Monitoring APEC’s Energy Intensity Goals: Data and Analysis Issues Dr. Ralph D. Samuelson
PDF Review of APERC 2013 Research Activities and Plan for 2014 Dr. Ralph D. Samuelson
PDF APERC Cooperative Activities Accomplishments of Past Year and Plan for Next Year Mr. Goichi Komori
PDF APEC Energy Overview 2012 and 2013 Mr. Goichi Komori

The 24th APEC EGEDA Meeting Jeju, Korea 10-12 October, 2013: APERC Presentations

PDF APEC Energy Demand and Supply Outlook Dr. Aishah Mohd. Isa
PDF Progress of PREE, CEEDS, PRLCE and LCMT Dr. Kazutomo Irie
PDF APEC Energy Overview 2011 and 2012 Mr. Goichi Komori
PDF Proposals for 2013 APERC Activities Mr. Takato Ojimi